There should be a regular cycle of events that happen every day. This daily routine should be something similar to what follows;Before sunrise or around 6am wake up callChores are performed or exercise (members are cycled between the two) Shower and clean-upMeditation for 20-30 minutes (with longer periods on rest days)Food – Breakfast prepared by people […]


Part of our human nature is desire. Desire to those attractive to us, desire for more material gain, our pursuits bring tears, anger, worry, stress of failure . It is necessary to find ways to reduce this desire but to keep the motivation, be engaged but not consumed, be passionate but not hedonistic.This is where […]


We as human beings suffer during our lives so the morally correct stance is to create a community which is explicitly designed to reduce the suffering of the world, bring a clear level of comfort and contentment to the members within the community and ultimately, a better world for the subsequent generations of everyone. How […]


Other older methodologies can be consulted in attaining contentment for members of the community, The 8 fold path in Buddhist beliefs has long been demonstrated as steps for bringing an end to suffering to create good comportment and behaviour. It can be described by the following tenants: i Right view Wisdom ii Right Intention iii […]


Maslow is largely respected and know for creating an excellent model of human needs that has only been modified mildly in the following 50 years.Self-ActualizationMorality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of factsEgoSelf-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respected by othersSocialSexual intimacy, friendship, belonging, inclusion, lovedSecuritySecurity of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health and of propertyPhysicalBreathing, food, water, […]


To correctly cultivate a community one must ensure individuals and groups can flourish within it. Without the possibility of evolution any organism or organisation is doomed to failure or in the best case scenario become an irrelevant vestigial form of it’s true nature. To keep the community innovative and true to it’s ideals it is also important to not have a […]


There are 4 tiers of activity within the community which can be visualised as a pyramid or hierarchy of reasoning;TheoryPurely theoretical work, without specific aims aside discovery.R&D;Applied theory (creating, discovering, producing).Outsourcing, income, experience, teaching Developing counselling, maintaining, educating.Chores, work, cleaning cooking, washing, farming, preparing. While changes in experience, ability and aptitude may make you remain more often in one of […]


Groups and communities are either inward facing, to the individual, or outward facing, to the world around them. Care should be taken to have periods of internal introspection and improvement followed by  cycles of action and outward effect on society and society as a whole.


With all new members starting as equals we should realise, that in reality, not all people are actually equal. During the first 6 months of induction people will be assigned to levels of study, disciplines of work and their routines of working, waking and exercise should be adjusted to those that match the individual best.The divergence between individuals […]


Be serene, composed, polite or cordial, even in vigorous disagreement. Do not let your voice rise or fall but keep it modulated and reasonable.If others listen then you may speak as loud as is necessary to be heard, no louder.If a dialogue becomes of intense interest it should be deferred to a later date in a larger assembly room.If you do […]