Who cooks, cleans, administers the the community? In any communal system there are necessary chores and tasks that are less than appealing [to a majority of the members]. Such tasks will be distributed evenly amongst all the community irrelevant of experience; However, it wont be simple to organize or achieve. Certain expertise and skills (Cooking, […]


Who makes up the community? Primarily, I would imagine the community being made up of students, researchers and scientists, tired of the continual rat race and lack of fulfilment in current society. Those who are searching for something more/different. They would I hope eventually cover all the primary disciplines of scientific endeavour, engineering and software development to […]


There must be a method of entry, exit and hand over in the community. Knowledge cultivated in the community should be recorded and not lost. Manuals of lessons, dialogues, processes and procedures should be kept and backed up regularly.Where possible there should be two people, or more, capable of assuming any single position within the […]


When establishing a project there are certain criteria that need to be observed whether a minor project for personal growth or an advanced research project for which you asking for community funding.By establishing  solid project requirements and structure you ingrain a methodology for achieving projects into all the members of the community.The rules for this […]


Meditation instructions for Vipassana:Sit comfortably with your spine erect in either a chair or cross-legged on a cushion (traditionally a Zafu). Close your eyes (at least partially) take a few deep breaths, breathe to your diaphragm or  stomach and usually through your nose. Feel the points of contact between your body and the chair or floor. Notice the sensations […]


Rules for meditation: There is a basic technique called Vipassana (Pali, “insight”) which comes from the oldest tradition of Buddhism. The advantage of this method is can be taught in a completely secular way.The quality of mind cultivated in Vispassana is generally called mindfulness and there is a growing literature on its psychological benefits. Mindfulness is, simply […]


There is much in the writings of Buddhist methodology that is worthy of respect and its aim to achieve enlightenment. We can argue about what the meaning of enlightenment might be; but, in the case of this document we shall define it as a moment, whether lasting or transitory, that gives us an insight and […]


If we are to come up with a direction or purpose for the community it is threefoldTo provide a community for people from any background to come together for the purpose of studying science, technology and research while cultivating their creative and expressive techniques. To be prepared and prepare for anything in the future, predicted or […]