Who is considered a Novice, Advocate, Elected official or Head of department? Firstly there needs to be a founding manifesto or constitution for the community, in this document there will be certain definitions of the methods, processes, time periods and criteria by which members are eligible to be elected to positions of administration. It will also contain […]


On the matter of health, all community members should be trained in basic first and and long-term members should strive to be paramedics or at least aware of more advanced lifesaving procedures. All members, with the physical ability to do so, should regularly donate blood for the community, society at large, and for fellow members […]


An additional point on ‘security’ and enforcement of rules, if there are to be security members they should be formally trained, qualified in restraint and the civil laws of the country in the best methods to catch and isolate individuals who are both a danger to themselves and others.


Who is responsible for resolving disputes between members of the community? Disputes fall under a number of categories, physical disputes where members are involved in actual physical aggression should be stopped by all members present or a call could be made to security or failing that the local authorities. In such cases civil law will […]


Who is responsible for the safety well being and health of the members of the community?There is a large difference between ‘safety’ and ‘health’ but we can take from this a number of different perspectives. Firstly, workplace safety should adhere to the strictest levels possible irrelevant of the health and safety standards of the host […]


Who decides the initial ‘rules’ of the community? The rules in this context can be considered the regulations, procedures and systems that are put in place to allow the smooth running of the community. It is implicit that these rules should not run counter to the legal framework of the country the community resides in, […]


The Student; While in the entries so far the community has been seen as a replacement for the work life space it is an equally viable environment for higher education. Now while this might not be immediately viable, eventually the community could open its doors to students. But rather than a typical academic approach to […]


The unemployed for obvious reasons a year in the community would be a remarkably good stepping stone the unemployed. Everyone willing to work and progress could leave with some savings and obtain skills + accreditations to help them if and when they decide to leave the community.


The late realizer; There those of us who very late in higher education, later during their career or even later still when nearing retirement that they actually have  a deep interest or love towards science and research. In such a situation if they aren’t rich it is exceedingly difficult to change ones course in life. […]