End of the month

So this month has been a rather busy one. I’ve got started on a lot of things, read a lot of interesting books. Most notably the 4-hour work week. But I have to be somewhat cautious and aware of confirmation bias. It’s obvious that while there is a lot of good advice in Tim Ferriss’ books he is not the oracle. Nor, is everything going to be applicable to all people. But there’s no problem in trying some of his ideas and see what sticks.

Decisions in life have made me realise that I need to get my programming back on track and start to really integrate more into French life. Join clubs, get a French speaking job, earn a sufficient wage to do the things that interest me, get my driving license and a car. I am keeping a journal of ideas and thoughts now in paper format, but since my parents arrived I haven’t been up keeping it as much as normal. It is helping me organize my thoughts remarkably well.

What have I done this month?

  1. Practised my French much more and made some breakthroughs, a long way to go, but I know now that I can at least understand and conjugate with ease.
  2. Set up my website development area on my main computer at home; Apache, PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework are all there. I also have started on my UnitTracker plugin.
  3. More of a plan. I’ve decided on a 3 month plan of things I want to do and I’ve got steps to getting there. I need to start actioning the points more forcefully mind you…

What will I have done by the end of next month?

  1. Finished the beta of the Unit Tracker plugin for WordPress and written up the evaluation + future roadmap. I hopefully will have started / finished another of my mini projects as well.
  2. Started a regular running schedule, at least 3 times a week, just to get myself back into exercise gently.
  3. Finished my C.V. in English and French and a generic covering letter expressing my motivations, objectives and selling points.
  4. I will have translated and posted at least 4 pages of
    “How to play Go – Comment jouer au Go” and purchased the relevant study materials for the French exam I’m going to take.

These all seem reasonable and achievable. There are still more I have to get done and minor things I need to look into i.e. French tax law for paying my Tax this year!

So that’s all for now, I’m going to eat lunch and get ready for another lesson ;).

Software development

Zend Framework and back to the grindstone

So I have returned to PHP from a long absence trying to get my head around the Zend Framework via it’s manual. It’s somewhat error prone and doesn’t accurately describe what you always need to do but I got the quickstart project up and running. I think I’ll work through the available chapters till the end and experiment locally until I create a Zend application on this site to show what I can do.

I also have a few books arriving that should give me a step by step process of learning practical Zend programming. I am already impressed by it’s potential but I need to get much more familiar with both the framework and my knowledge of PHP before I feel comfortable with it all again.

On another note I want to start tracking my hours of work on various projects to see my progress so I’m looking at creating a simple WordPress plugin that can store and display hours spent on something. Or more to the point add all the hours I give it together with some nice script. I want to show how many hours of experience and learning I have towards 10,000 hours (the supposed mark of an expert). While I’m a long way off at the moment, It is a noble goal to aim towards.