Why is there a mandatory element of exercise and physical training?You can with a little thought find 3 reasons for this;Physical exercise has been shown to improve mood, combat chronic disease, manage your weight, improve motivational and energy level, lead to better sleep and improves cognitive function. A good physical preparedness will prepare you to be […]


Why should there be a moral / philosophical / ideological element to the community? In all honesty, there was a hesitation in including moral or ethical elements to these entries but with such a community who’s purpose is to provide for future generations and help self-guard the planet there is an obvious need for a pure […]


Why is the community different to existing organizations? Presently there are many different charities, foundations and companies dedicated to helping and providing a range of services to humanity at large. The differences between their system and the community are the physical, living, social arrangement, the broad long term focus and the focus on self improvement […]


Why would the community have a positive effect on the world? Aside from the obvious benefits to the members such a community, due to its independence and structure, would be biased on the side of humanity as a whole and not a single nation, religion or political ideology. The purpose is to dedicate ones life to being […]


Why would people be motivated to join such a community? People are motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose. The purpose of the community (as per 58) is to be prepared and to create, educate and research for the betterment of mankind. If we were to use one single phrase it should be something like:”for the […]


Why would the community succeed? This would depend on the definition of success. Success is the achievement of the purpose or objectives of the community. So, if the community only makes one single contribution to the benefit of the present and future generations it will have succeeded. It will achieve much more than this if […]


Why form a community in the first place? The initial reasoning for starting a community was somewhat shallow and indistinct on detail. Upon my realisation of two factorsMy successes had not made me happy and the stress of maintaining my status was causing me to live to work and miss true social connections (note: in […]


The paid for scientific retreat; Some individuals may pay for a period of time at the community to simply experience the different pace of life and/or get healthier or for any number of personal and professional reasons These individuals would pay a flat rate offset by the work they perform during their stay.


Who is allowed to enter the community? In theory this should happily be answered as anyone as entries 10 and 25 clearly state. However, there are constraints in any system and also assessments, such constraints include space, budget, lack of sufficiently ranked (advocate positions), there are a number of factors that will cause a waiting […]


Who decides what research is funded, unethical, at odds with the purpose of the community etc? Initially the head of a department decides on research funding issues. If there is an ethical element to the research this should be carefully considered by all heads of the department. Followed by a public debate of randomly selected […]