I am a trifle obsessed with planning and a little obsessive about lists. Now while these things can really help you get better at achieving things it does require you actually a) start doing something and b) continue following the plan until complete.

Now having just read 18 minutes I have got some better ideas about how to get that done, it does involve baby steps and a more general focus on the year you want to have. Not lay out all the advice he gives but he states that it’s a good idea to focus on 5 things for the year ahead. 3 business related and 2 personal. Then you can generate lists of to-do’s based on your yearly goals and ensure that you are making regular progress towards them.

Business focus areas

  1. Improving my programming (Specifically Zend Framework and PHP).
  2. Improving my writing skills, organization, creativity, clarity and grammar.
  3. Creating a web based business.

Personal focus areas

  1. Join local clubs and have at least 2 nights a week social outings
  2. Improve my French

Another recent book I read was the 4-hour workweek which while very good, showed a very different approach to getting to your goals which I’ll think about more later. Essentially though both books are right about one thing. Plans help, but only if you action them. Otherwise they remain just plans.