Everyone has the capability to be a teacher and we are all born as creative artists, despite what we may think. The community should foster all the qualities of their members, with every long-standing member being qualified (with a PGCE) and prepared to teach a variety of topics. Also, all members should nurture their own unique talents in creativity, divergent thinking, brainstorming and problem solving, which should all be worked on as seriously as logic, mathematics and science.


The community should create routines and regular activities designed to help the members act and improve themselves in the most optimal way possible. Autonomy, mastery and purpose should be provided in tasks performed to help motivation. Similarly mind, body and thought should be exercised for each individuals well-being.


One should constantly and consistently strive to improve themselves and their mind. They should focus their efforts on their knowledge, skills and their chosen vocation in the community.


One should always maintain a good physical condition. Firstly, this is so that they can act as they must when the situation demands it, secondly, there is the matter of a longer lifespan to do the things we love doing and then, finally, there is an abundance of evidence that regular exercise greatly improves mental acuity, mood and cognition.


One should reflect their beliefs in the actions they perform. Otherwise they do not really either; a) have conviction in their beliefs, or, b) they are deluding themselves.

1 – To create a community

To create a community you need a structure and converging personal beliefs or values. When this is not the case there will be division and conflict. All humans have similar needs and desires in life [Maslow’s pyramid of needs] although peoples expectations in how to realize these objectives differ