Don't be concerned with the faults of others.Do not see others' faults with a hateful mind. Nothing is more wasted than hating other peoples hatred.Don't imitate other peoples faults; note them, question if you reflect them, attempt to find your motivations and cultivate virtues, honour, patience and integrity.There is a difference between restraining against negative actions [...]


Thought: Administration, education, culture, mind, philosophy, belief, reflection, meditation, contempation, creativity, study, rationality, scrutiny, conviction, humility, acceptance, reading, understanding, contemplation, intent, morality, compassion, reflective, introspective, existential, calm, tranquility, ideas, structure


Action: Speech, creation, research, movement, expression, teaching, production, accomplishment, achievement, exercise, undertaking, contest, engagement, inventive, innovation, fixing, artistic, aesthetics, refined, manufacturing, writing, teaching, education, fabrication, help, volunteering, designing, building, improvisation, writing, explaining, teaching, art, content, shape.


Apologies for the long silence, lots happening no excuse and will now continue transcribing.The following entries 12, 13 and 14 are clarify my thoughts on the elements that would make up a community I focused on the idea that the community can be considered like an individual with a body, mind and the ability to perform [...]


As health of body, mind and action are all necessary there must be some form of training in such subjects and also the best usage of these sharpened abilities, every day, within the community.  Daily meditations, exercise, training and usage of these skills in a positive manner for future generations should be integral to the culture of [...]


On the question of membership; It should never in any way demand individuals have to break contact with their previous life or abstain from any particular belief. Nor shall membership demand oaths of arbitrary personal rules such as celibacy from individuals or indeed any physical marks or demands that act contrary to the civil laws or individual [...]


A universal code of conduct within the institution should be drawn up by the founding members. This constitution should consider respecting the civil liberties of the individual but there should be a system of induction available for the lifetime members of the community.To be clear, the rights and freedoms of all individuals are to be [...]


Teachers training teachers creates an exponential growth of educators 3, 9, 27, 71. With each teacher teaching 3 students, who in turn teach more. Therefore, students who have mastered a subject or even a topic within a graded subject at any level will be expected to assist in classrooms aiding others to understand. The primary [...]


In an ideal system all people should work on what they love and share the work that they hate, however this realistically doesn't occur in any sufficiently complex society or community. It is necessary for people to perform chores, or work in necessary but unpleasant situations for the good of the community. The problems in [...]