Do not talk of your practise, your actions, your learning or your understanding in a self praising manner. No matter how learned you are there will always be a subject that you are less familiar with than another. It is better to realise that and be quietly humble.Let your actions and work speak for you.


Do not invite transients, speakers or guests into specific areas that require silence, or lack of disturbance as you may affect those practising, meditating, exercising, working e.t.c.If such an occurrence is unavoidable make it clear this will be the case in advance and ask guests to be quiet and respectful during the period you traverse the area.


Arguments, intoxication and other offensive attitudes should be left outside areas with a specific purpose.'Arguments' should be had as a dialogue in a formal tone of discussion. This too is a form of learning and if anger occurs then the dialogue should be postponed not stopped.


In the community there should be specific areas for specific purposes;Sleep, Silence, Focus,  Work, Amusement, Reflection, Space, Isolation.This list is in no way is exhaustive. Where feasible this separation should be employed to foster appropriate reactions and attitudes for the appropriate place.  


Don't be concerned with the faults of others.Do not see others' faults with a hateful mind. Nothing is more wasted than hating other peoples hatred.Don't imitate other peoples faults; note them, question if you reflect them, attempt to find your motivations and cultivate virtues, honour, patience and integrity.There is a difference between restraining against negative actions [...]


Thought: Administration, education, culture, mind, philosophy, belief, reflection, meditation, contempation, creativity, study, rationality, scrutiny, conviction, humility, acceptance, reading, understanding, contemplation, intent, morality, compassion, reflective, introspective, existential, calm, tranquility, ideas, structure


Action: Speech, creation, research, movement, expression, teaching, production, accomplishment, achievement, exercise, undertaking, contest, engagement, inventive, innovation, fixing, artistic, aesthetics, refined, manufacturing, writing, teaching, education, fabrication, help, volunteering, designing, building, improvisation, writing, explaining, teaching, art, content, shape.


Apologies for the long silence, lots happening no excuse and will now continue transcribing.The following entries 12, 13 and 14 are clarify my thoughts on the elements that would make up a community I focused on the idea that the community can be considered like an individual with a body, mind and the ability to perform [...]


As health of body, mind and action are all necessary there must be some form of training in such subjects and also the best usage of these sharpened abilities, every day, within the community.  Daily meditations, exercise, training and usage of these skills in a positive manner for future generations should be integral to the culture of [...]