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Teachers training teachers creates an exponential growth of educators 3, 9, 27, 71. With each teacher teaching 3 students, who in turn teach more. Therefore, students who have mastered a subject or even a topic within a graded subject at any level will be expected to assist in classrooms aiding others to understand. The primary goal of this is to have everyone as a teacher and a student.

To realise humility and build appreciation of other members it is vital to keep everyone in this cycle of education and learning.

It is a certainty that we all have our strengths and a consistent churn of teaching and learning will avoid hubris, foster respect of other disciplines and improve empathy and acceptance.

Also it’s a truth that no subject exists in a vacuum. All sciences in some degree overlap as do all artistic skills and creative abilities.

Over specialization breeds in weakness and a holistic approach can greatly improve retention of data.

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