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Accommodation for members will depend on the economic and space constraints of the given community; their prosperity, the number of members and the necessary area required for research learning and study. As the community will initially be small and potentially low in all the above there might be a period of dormitory sharing for all members

The optimal solution is that each fully-initiated lifetime member or paying invited transitory should have their own space within the community, This need only only need be large enough for a desk a rolled out futon, a chair, storage for clothes and shelving for books. A built in wardrobe with sufficient space for the futon would be an optimal solution to create more space during the day.

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  1. I can see why you'd ask; however, I'd have to say no, I don't for instance agree that all people are actually equal. Everyone has their own unique abilities and strengths, certain jobs are better suited to certain people. Not to mention the communal accommodation system above is no more communist than a nunnery, monastery or possibly closer to a kibbutz or Amish community.

    I would concede that I have trouble believing that "excessive" amounts of money amounts to an award system that is especially good for society or meritocratic. Massive inequalities in possessions only breeds discontent and division in a community. BUT communism has been shown not to be a workable alternative.

    On another point, if you look at entry 24 and the note that followed it, you'll see that members will generate savings usually in excess of the more traditional working environments. This kind of environment is not for everyone that's sure. In fact in the entries around 65+ I have a list of different people who might be interested in joining and why.

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