Lisboa, Lisbon, Lisbonne.

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So I’m still on holiday here in Lisbon, hence the lack of posts in any regard or work towards any of my projects. Still, considering all the plans I have for the upcoming few months having a holiday now is much better than trying to have one later.

Lisbon is as great as I remember it, although I’m in a very different part of town called Alfama. It’s the oldest part of Lisbon and sadly, it looks it. Despite the crumbling buildings it’s well worth visiting, listening to Fado (traditional Portuguese music and eating Sardines, chilling out at the castle. Also it’s different being here with a girlfriend we’ve done very different things and I’ve seen stuff I probably would have missed by myself.

On that note if you get a chance, go to the zoo! It’s a fantastic one, lots of animals in nice habitats; dolphin and seal shows. Very impressed.

Right off to enjoy our last day shopping and chilling out before coming back to Toulouse for an extreme amount of work. Plus we have to leave around 4 in the morning just to get the flight… Arrghh.

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Born in England, now living in France. Studied computer science and electronics at university, now running a language school in Toulouse.

I've worked as a developer, teacher, bartender, waiter, cook, cleaner, shop clerk, produce manager & now director. If I had my way, I'd add astronaut to that list but it's going to be tricky.

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