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So this my first foray back into software development after a long break. I’m starting on a plugin for WordPress called UnitTracker. This little tool should help me create widgets or pages that track changes in anything over time. What does that mean in practise? You can measure weight, time, distance, depth, temperature or any other figure you’d like over a given period.

Planned Features

  • Record a unit of any type (integer, double, weight, distance, temperature, monetary value e.t.c.).
  • Give an administration page to add / remove / update / delete the different Units being tracked.
  • Give a description to each tracker
  • Link from tracker to post.
  • Track the difference between the starting point and the present
  • Track the progress from the starting or present point to a goal
  • Display the tracked unit on a page, post or widget.

Future work

  • Graphs and charts showing change over time
  • More advanced target settings and display options
  • Downloads of stored data as CSV’s.
  • Export values as RSS, Twitter or FB
  • Export values to tracking site where you can work with others.
  • Alerts when changes are negative or when you haven’t updated in awhile
  • Good WP development re-write
  • Release plugin version 1.0 on WordPress site.

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