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Equal entrance levels then will mean the all members receiving equal treatment on arrival. The same utensils for each person with no excess; cutlery, a bowl, cup, plate, bedding and 7 days worth of identical clothing to be distributed to every novice joining the community.

Each person will be provided similar sleeping arrangements, a futon, space and necessary items for hygiene (towels, tampons, nail clippers, soap, tooth brush). This can grow and change based on the needs of the time but it is necessary to give only the bare minimum to each person this is almost an induction of rebirth.

There are also obvious exceptions to this rule:

  1. Transients and guests who remain for only a temporary period need not be fully inducted into the community. Thus, they will be expected to bring all provisions except the cutlery, linen, bedding e.t.c.
  2. Each member can bring some items if they are vital for working on their chosen profession and are not provided by the community. They may also bring items used to improve artisan, secondary or creative skills, once again that is only if these items are not provided by the community. Each item should be clearly marked and the community should be asked long in advance if it’s acceptable to bring.
  3. If items are necessary for the members well being and health such as wheelchairs, crutches, medical kits e.t.c.