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Advice from Stephen King

Advice from Stephen King

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s a list of some advice from the master of horror himself Stephen King. He writes like a machine. Definitely, someone to listen to. It all comes down to one thing though, write, write and write some more. Practice makes perfect and I really need to practice harder.

Finding my Theme, again. – Technology and Society

Finding my Theme, again. – Technology and Society

Your theme will take the form of a rant that begins with any of these four sentences. For as long as I can remember I've felt there is something exciting at the intersection of _______ and _______ I deeply believe that the world needs _______ Never in history has...

Apparently missed how the Canadian truckers are uneducated people actually flying *confederate flags*. how far up your own arrogant ass do you have to be, to stand resistant to masks, vaccines, and well, idiots.


Joe Rogan
Canadian truckers
Elon Musk
Russel Brand

The world is waking up.


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