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Landing on Mars

I always knew that landing on Mars would be not only difficult but one of man kinds greatest challenges, I'm impressed they've worked it out, I believe you have to have boulder sized balls made of granite to be the one to go through with it. 7 minutes of terror...

Smoking kid

I was reminded of Malcom Gladwell's book on viral marketing 'the tipping point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference' when I watched this video. Just for the method of creating a sticky message easily spread. I haven't smoked for a long time, and I realise the...

They ARE meat! update..

I recently posted Terry Bisson's short story and have since looked into what else I can read. Here is the unedited version of the story on his website please go there and peruse his books ๐Ÿ™‚ https://www.terrybisson.com/page6/page6.html I even found an extremely well...

Matt where the hell have you been!

Matt Hardingย a genius who should need no introduction is back again. He has released some of the view videos that have brought tears to my eyes. Who would have thought that you could achieve so many connections in such a simple way. Enjoy....

I hate the "product of their time" argument.

If it's wrong today, it was wrong yesterday. Twenty years ago, a hundred years ago.

Society didn't collectively wake up one day and go, "Whoops! Totally got that one wrong. My bad!"

Things changed because people fought for change. https://twitter.com/Nnedi/status/1631685120133595136

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD @Nnedi

I know soooooo many people who need to hear and think about this for a few days before responding. I heard from many them during the whole Lovecraft/World Fantasy Award discussion. Yep.

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