What I Am So Far

  • A software developer who wants to contribute back to the community.
  • An English teacher who wants to do more to help his students.
  • dreamer who thinks about new ways we could form communities.
  • A frustrated student who wants to understand how everything works.
  • reader who loves fiction as much as fact.
  • traveller who wants to experience the world.
  • A cyclist who has crossed countries and mountains.

What I Will Be

  • A clear writer of thoughts and viewpoints about  a variety of topics.
  • manager of my own business.
  • A confident speaker of the French language.
  • An overseas volunteer helping the less fortunate.
  • A good debater.
  • A better friend.

Nice To Haves

  • A competent musician of a musical instrument.
  • An artist with a comic book style.
  • A 1st Dan amateur Go player.
  • An illustrators neat penmanship.
  • A creator of a foundation or community.