From Entries 42 – 47 I asked a lot of questions that I then tried to answer in later entries to the best of my ability.  So rather than just post questions for 5 days I decided to post everything all at once. The answers however will have to wait (they start to appear at entry 65) but it gives you an idea how much remains.

The question of Who

Who makes up the community? Who cooks, cleans, administers, the community? Who trains the members? Who wants to be a member? Who decides the initial rules for the community? Who is responsible for the safety, well being and health of the community? Who is relied upon to resolve disputes between members? Who is considered a novice, advocate, an elected official or head of a department? Who decides what research is funded or unethical or against the principals of the community? Who is allowed to enter the community?

The question of Why

Why form a community? Why would people join? Why would the community succeed? Why should people be motivated by such an organisation? Why would the community have a positive impact on the world? Why is the community different to existing organisations? Why should there be a moral element to the community? Why should exercise and physical fitness be mandatory? Why is diet and nutrition carefully maintained? Why must there be a regular and strict schedule to be followed? Why are there different ‘labels’ for different members? Why are members paid? Why does the community work for outside businesses? Why are members trained in meditation, martial arts, computers and other subjects? Why is the focus not purely on a members own discipline? Why obey the rules? Why have punishments? Why prepare for any situation? Why use dialogue (dialectic) between members?

The question of what

what is the purpose of the community? What do the members do? What are the rules and regulations of the community? what are the systems of hierarchy and methods of decision making? what are the principals behind the community? What balance of time will there be between leisure, work, self-improvement and exercise? What standards will be introduced to decide entrance to the community? What standards will be applied to decide a novice from an expert? What interactions will take place between the community and society at large? What methods of promotion will the community employ? What types of research will the community endorse?  what disciplines of science and education will the community endorse? What methods will be used to monitor and decide the continuation of projects? What systems of dialectics will be implemented? What methods of teaching will be employed? What methods will exist for changing present mandates regulations and amending the constitution? What amount of vacation time is acceptable? What is the minimum age one should be allowed to enter the community? What is the method of initiation? What technologies should be used?

The question of How 

How should new members be found? How are decisions made in the community? How do we define dialogues and dialectics? How are people organized? How are members elected to different positions? How does education occur? How are outside contracts decided on? How does the community help society at large? How does the community obtain money? How much do members earn in savings? How often should changes in leadership occur? How many people should be the maximum for a community? How should members be punished if there is an infringement  of the rules? How should the rules be decided on? How should relationships and families be integrated into the community? How would the organization be viewed by government (foundation, charity, institution)? How will the community grow over time? How will the hierarchy of the organization be decided? How will the age of applicants affect the process of entrance? How should knowledge be distributed amongst the communities, members, public, world? How many languages should be learnt? How do we decide on purchases from savings? How prepared should every member be? How much space should each member have? How many luxuries should every member have? How many regulations should be made? How should the initial members be gathered? How should classes be organized? How would discoveries be attributed? How will timetables be established?

The question of Where 

Where should the first community be founded? Where will the initial funding come from?  Where will new members be found? Where would ownership begin or end for a member? Where would meetings, exercises, meditation and work take place? Where will the money be saved? Where would be cheapest? Where would people sleep? Where would the designs for the new buildings come from? Where would you initially acquire teaching skills? Where would you house novices, transitory or permanent members?

The question of When

When can the first community be founded? When, after joining, can someone be expected to become an advocate? When will members have leisure time? When does ‘retirement’ occur? When are students moved between levels?  When are holidays organised for? When do members wake up? When do they wake up, meditate exercise and study?