Finding my Theme, again. – Technology and Society

Finding my Theme, again. – Technology and Society

So I did this once before, it’s an exercise from the book “Entrepreneur Revolution” by Daniel Priestley . The idea is that you can use the four questions to try and find what your theme or passion is in your life. Last year my business was crushed under by the global pandemic of COVID. Leaving me with nothing but debts and angry creditors who once were friends. While I am lucky enough to have some work. I am taking this time to try and find out where I want to be before starting off again. So here is part 1 of 4, trying to answer the questions above and maybe from there I’ll move onto a plan and finally a business venture.

Once these tools get in the hands of current creators like video editors things start to get wild 👏👏. Love the use of deforum animation for the transitions against what I am guessing is ebsynth or depth2image with init on the rest. https://twitter.com/VisualFrisson/status/1618668112550961152


Wednesday Addams dance AI edit.

Fier d’accueillir dans la maison commune, salle des illustres au Capitole, les artistes Shanna Banana et Brandy Snap, drag queens censurées par JL Moudenc sous la pression de l’extrême droite. #Toulouse c’est la convivencia, une ville accueillante, tolérante, ouverte.

NEWS: @SpaceX President @Gwynne_Shotwell will receive the 2023 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement.

The National Space Trophy is presented annually to an American who has made major contributions to the US' space exploration programs. @elonmusk

Over the past few weeks you, the community, have made your voices heard. And we’ve listened. OGL 1.0a will remain untouched AND the entire SRD 5.1 is now available under a Creative Commons license.🧵 http://spr.ly/60113jcGR

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