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1 – Pour créer une communauté

Pour créer une communauté, vous avez besoin d'une structure et de croyances ou de valeurs personnelles convergentes. Lorsque ce ne sera pas le cas, il y aura division et conflit. Tous les humains ont des besoins et des désirs similaires dans la vie [Pyramide des...

"Sorry Incels" (She-Hulk) inspired by Episode 446

If this makes you feel angry, just know this isn't directed at you. It's about other people. You're expressing fascinating and very normal opinions.

#weeklyplanetpod @TheWeeklyPlanet #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw #SheHulk

With profound humility and respect for Her Majesty and the Royal Family at this time, I want to note the moment that within just a few hours the #Babylon5 community transcended the most watched event on the planet. Let's see how far we can take this. #B5onCWin23 @warnerbrostv

If you love #Babylon5 as much as I do, then you've got to support @straczynski right now; we're finally getting a new show! #B5onCWin23 @paul_e_cooley @barryhutchison

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