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There should be a regular cycle of events that happen every day. This daily routine should be something similar to what follows;

  • Before sunrise or around 6am wake up call
  • Meditation for 20-30 minutes (with longer periods on rest days)
  • Food – Breakfast prepared by people not exercising that morning
  • Work commences 
    • Work will encompass many areas: Study, research, development and various other activities that clear demarcation 
    • Food will be regularly distributed as smaller snacks as opposed to larger meals
    • Every hour or so there should be mandatory breaks and a cycle of different work or study there should also a break of reasonable length around the centre of the day. 
    • Work and relaxation should occur in specific areas each one specialized to help build a specific response (motivation, energy, relaxation, contemplation etc.) when one enters it. 
  • The working day ends with an hour of personal time
  • Each evening will have different organized events by members
  • Dinner will not be as a traditional dinner as regular snacks will occur throughout the day instead it will be a social event with dialogues and discussions to create more connectivity between members of the community. This should last for at least an hour with regular table shifts to encourage a constant churn of ideas. 
  • Finally there is secondary meditation for the community
  • The day ends and people are free to;
    • return to their rooms / dormitory.
    • do what they want (go out, surf internet, play games etc).