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Who cooks, cleans, administers the the community? In any communal system there are necessary chores and tasks that are less than appealing [to a majority of the members]. Such tasks will be distributed evenly amongst all the community irrelevant of experience; However, it wont be simple to organize or achieve. Certain expertise and skills (Cooking, Electronics, Building, Plumbing etc.) require training and experienced individuals. Key people with unique skills in key research areas may well have limited periods of time to perform critical research or find it impossible to leave their team to tend to the allotment. Administrators positions should also be considered a chore, that takes the member away from their studies and research.

A set number of days per year of chore work will probably be needed, alongside this there may be a need to be a division between specialised and unspecialised labour positions. For example, a chef versus kitchen staff,  A cultivation specialist versus a farm hand e.t.c.

A cycle of work on chores, in study, in research should be possible with unspecialised tasks being performed by members; However, hours of work on a specialised field like accounting, contract work, should probably reduce (but not completely remove) the amount of unspecialised labour required in a year.

The best solution then would be to have people voted into positions of control, there members are not paid more, nor are their positions considered more than chores. Administration in such a community is more of a hindrance than blessing. These people using progressively software would be in charge of assigning the hours of work and distributing hours fairly. A web portal showing the distribution of work and funds, members savings and grants should be readily available to all members.