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The recently graduated; The disillusioned worker has had a negative experience in the working environment. In contrast a recent graduate in the sciences with a fresh diploma, quite often, is in the opposite situation desperately trying to obtain a career in their chosen discipline. Many do succeed, with good grades and some knowledge of interviews they find research jobs, technical positions and programming jobs that require no previous experience. However the bulk of students even with a degree have huge difficulties. It usually requires 2 years experience to get a programming interview, and nothing is more common than finding trained and qualified scientists or programmers working as managers, accountants and businessmen. A compounding problem is debt most students at present leave education with crippling debts reducing their mobility and not allowing them the opportunity to travel, to get apartments and take chances and risks that are inherently necessary at the beginning of our careers.

Taking time after university to live in the community will help in a number of ways firstly there is the benefit of ways. Firstly, there is the usage of practically applied skills (work) from the first month. Giving the graduate much needed real-work experience. Secondly, there is the benefit of money, payments directly into savings accounts means that two or three years in the community could pay a large percentage or all of a students load, give him vital experience, do remarkable good to their health and confidence.

Dialectic techniques, teaching skills and mandatory lesson taking will also improve spoken skills, living on a strict diet with regular exercise will no doubt go towards some recovery of the usually destructive lifestyle of university. Finally there is the opportunity of networking with other transitory members of ones chosen profession  and remaining in touch with the community as an aid to finding jobs and work long after leaving it behind.

In short they will get practical experience, money, improved technical skills, personal development training and much more.