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The Student; While in the entries so far the community has been seen as a replacement for the work life space it is an equally viable environment for higher education. Now while this might not be immediately viable, eventually the community could open its doors to students. But rather than a typical academic approach to education, relying on theory primarily and standardized testing, it would be a vocational and practical approach, giving instructions in lab techniques, programming open source systems, teaching, research aid, data analysis e.t.c. The aim is to to provide practical beneficial skills with tangible applications first and teach the theory alongside this experience where applicable.

The reasons for joining the community under these circumstances are clear to anyone leaving education with savings rather than debt, with practical work experience and qualifications, a good physical condition, general public and debating skills and a great improvement in personal development, finances e.t.c. This would surely be both a benefit to both the student and any future employer.