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Who is allowed to enter the community? In theory this should happily be answered as anyone as entries 10 and 25 clearly state. However, there are constraints in any system and also assessments, such constraints include space, budget, lack of sufficiently ranked (advocate positions), there are a number of factors that will cause a waiting list if the community becomes popular. Such a list should be on a first come, first served order, It also depends on why and how long you are planning to stay, individuals planning for a 1 month retreat compared to people wanting to make a life long commitment need some assessment.

Thus, there should be a committee of randomly selected individuals (on a 6 month churn) whose job is to assess on a case by case basis who can enter. Unless there is an exceptional circumstance to justify it people are considered equals in entering. Exceptional exceptions might include a world leading research specialist at CERN deciding to join, or a PhD level student jumping ahead of a number of unskilled individuals. Exceptional does not, and never should be to do with generous donations or monetary incentives.