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Why would the community succeed? This would depend on the definition of success. Success is the achievement of the purpose or objectives of the community. So, if the community only makes one single contribution to the benefit of the present and future generations it will have succeeded. It will achieve much more than this if carefully managed. You can see in the world around us a large number of religious and charitable foundations which survive and grow to large sizes through nothing more than willing volunteers. A community of research and discovery to increase understanding and help the people of earth is nothing new. If you search back through history there are various organizations that have fulfilled this role. If an organization can stand on contributions alone or simply on the basis of its beliefs the community will be a huge success and will offer practical help and improvement that will have a massive positive effect on the next generation.

The fact that the community produces content, applications and practically applied skills for competitive prices makes it a magnet for businesses, organizations and governments alike. The expertise in software production, experimentation, peer review and an attention to detail without bias will only enhance this. When placed in comparison to existing communities it becomes clear that the community will succeed, must succeed for the benefit of the next generation and all that follow.