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Why are members paid?

It should appear obvious to anyone, looking at the world we live in that money has, for better or worse, become a mandatory element of modern survival. As such it is only right that we pay people for their efforts. Now what is different in this regard, as mentioned before, is that the lump sum of money is placed into a locked saving account, preferably one with a reasonable rate of interest, insured against losses.  This sum grows during the members lifetime in the organisation.

If it is necessary to upkeep regular payments like loan repayments, existing mobile contracts, even flat rent payments, during the period the member is involved in the community these will be deducted from the final payment.

While the payment system and amounts will be covered in detail later, the reason of why is obvious from a savings to paying off loans the lack of spending within the community makes it the very best environment to save significant amounts with interest. Imagine earning Β£10,000 a year in savings without any significant (or any) outgoings, by your 5th year you would have in excess of Β£50,000, for many this should be a massive incentive.

In short, for many people the community would be a more effective means of obtaining capital than the standard methods used in society at present. Those savings would grow effectively for their entire working life within the walls of the community.