The key to succeeding in creating something new is collaboration. There are many people like me with ideas for creating a better community, a better education system, a better model of life, a better way to learn, a more open and interconnected way of living. In fact if one tries to consider what it is that a society should do for it’s citizens we realise that our present one is a beast that has evolved and as such isn’t designed to help the citizens but to continue and further it’s own existence.

The problem is that there are a million ideas of what could make a good community. It also depends on how you define the word community. But there is definitely a hunger to try something different, that there must be a better way of doing things. But with so many opinions and ideologies it is difficult to create a roadmap to something better and the sheer size of the task creates an insurmountable, conceptual dip to most individuals.

While this blog is merely the opening barrage with a somewhat meandering list of thoughts on the subject it is intended as an opening barrage. What must happen in the future is a site that draws together the threads of people looking to create a community and give them the ability to experiment with their ideas in a real setting. Without experiment the cultural hypothesis means nothing, without proper measures we can’t make a plan. We can’t action a change unless we’re sure objectively it’s a good one.

For this to succeed (and I’ll speak more on this in my entries) we need to gather a number of nuclei of dedicated individuals, tired of the status quo,  who are willing to be the guinea pigs by which we create a blueprint of a better system. By creating like-minded dedicated groups we can then test differing methods on separate groups and use a variety of measures and controls to see what communities work best,  work badly and what doesn’t affect the community in any meaningful way.

There would be no requirements on the location of these groups aside that the individuals congregate and form a physical, close-knit community. The site will then allow groups to choose rules and coordinate with other groups to test theories. A number of psychological, financial and social measures will be regularly monitored to see how it affects the group. Good theories grow until they are generally accepted and should be performed by every group. Bad theories are sand boxed or rejected or adapted to have positive effects.

A nucleus could be anything from 5 people sharing a house at university to 150 people sharing a neighbourhood in a housing estate. But the idea is that they make the conscious effort to form a true community,  they are willing to abide by the ideas that the site generates and that they are dedicated in striving to improve the world for future generations.

If you’re interested in helping with the design, concept, coding, marketing or merely curious contact me via google+ and hopefully we’ll start to see this site up within the next month or two.

Message me if you see something strange, good, wrong or you just want to raise a question.