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Other older methodologies can be consulted in attaining contentment for members of the community, The 8 fold path in Buddhist beliefs has long been demonstrated as steps for bringing an end to suffering to create good comportment and behaviour.

It can be described by the following tenants:

Right viewWisdom
Right Intention
Right speechEthical conduct
Right action
Right livelihood
Right effortMental development
Right mindfulness
Right Concentration

In some cases this can be taken to extremes which are beyond the purview of community, for instance abstaining form eating meat or harming insects; should the community be so demanding? But what the 8 fold path does show is how such a powerful idea can be consolidated into a very simple set of instructions. In fact with the 8 fold path the precepts for recommendations and the four noble truths;
  • Life means suffering
  • The origin of suffering Is attachment
  • The cessation of suffering is attainable
  • The path to the cessation of suffering.   

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