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Inspired by Matt Cutts‘ video on 30 day challenges I thought I would attempt to do something challenging for 30 days. In a slightly different shift I decided rather than pick a challenge for myself I’d leave it up to my friends because.. Well… what could possibly go wrong with that?!

Firstly we’ll pick from my list but if you have better suggestions for tasks comment and when I complete this challenge we’ll put your suggestions on a list and see what I have to do then…

Give me a challenge; Choose a task or undertaking that I have to uphold for 30 consecutive days!

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Born in England, now living in France. Studied computer science and electronics at university, now running a language school in Toulouse.

I've worked as a developer, teacher, bartender, waiter, cook, cleaner, shop clerk, produce manager & now director. If I had my way, I'd add astronaut to that list but it's going to be tricky.

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