100 – Why prepare for any situation?

Why prepare for any situation?

To be ready when life demands it is far preferable to arriving in a situation you could (or worse should) be capable of managing or dealing with but instead find yourself led by the events around you. Dealing with a roadside accident, running to reach the bus to make a deadline, planning for difficult days, and using consistent effort to achieve a goal instead of rushing the end, delivering life-saving CPR to a stranger.

Furthermore, the community is designed to provide for and help the next generation; in this regard, they must create worst-case scenarios or predictable disasters and either safeguard against them or have a response planned; From the ultimately predictable ‘global warming, lack of drinkable water, lack of sustainable energy sources, reliance on fossil fuels to the possible disasters of disease, flood, earthquakes it’s necessary to think of ways of how to deal with them or aid countries effectively and quickly when these things occur.

Being prepared starts with the individual being fit, strong and healthy enough, and well informed enough to act when required. As a unit prepared unit, the organization can be thought of constantly looking at its resources, both physical and experience, to prepare for any contingency.