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Entry 21 is fairly typical of my original posts it was written without much thought or study into the subject and on many points seems very incoherent.

I have since writing this entry read a lot more into anthropology and revised my studies of sociology, psychology and listened to speakers who discuss such matters.

Culture, is so difficult to define or describe that it has been the subject of entire books and discussions on it’s own. While I can say that the 3 things I mentioned could be considered  a possible framework to begin a community they aren’t strictly necessary.

I think what I was trying to express was twofold;

Firstly, it was considering the problem of how to define a community in my own mind so that I could better understand what it was I was trying to create or build. To this extent it was more a thought process than a point to be made. (this is probably confirmed by e23 that then lists a number of anthropological definitions of community)

Secondly, it was trying to think of ways to create a community that would ultimately reflect and foster the values that I wanted the community to exemplify. It was my first foray into how to create a community that not only fosters a particular positive mindset but reinforces it.