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The question of what; what is the purpose of the community? What do the members do? What are the rules and regulations of the community? what are the systems of hierarchy and methods of decision making? what are the principals behind the community? What balance of time will there be between leisure, work, self-improvement and exercise? What standards will be introduced to decide entrance to the community? What standards will be applied to decide a novice from an expert? What interactions will take place between the community and society at large? What methods of promotion will the community employ? What types of research will the community endorse?  what disciplines of science and education will the community endorse? What methods will be used to monitor and decide the continuation of projects? What systems of dialectics will be implemented? What methods of teaching will be employed? What methods will exist for changing present mandates regulations and amending the constitution? What amount of vacation time is acceptable? What is the minimum age one should be allowed to enter the community? What is the method of initiation? What technologies should be used?