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Members of the community should when joining have some form of ethical oath much like the Hippocratic Oath of doctors; but, also an oath to progressively improve and benefit mankind as a whole. For example something akin to;

Upon entering the community and committing myself to the rigorous pursuit of reason, creativity, discovering new knowledge and creating new expressive works for the benefit of the present and future generations, I declare the following;

  • I will pursue and create knowledge, processes and devices for the greater good, but never to the detriment of people, societies, research subjects the international community or the community of which I am now a member.
  • I promise to never allow financial gain, competitiveness or ambition to cloud my judgement in the conduct of  research, scholarship, and studies.
  • I will not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled about matters of which I am knowledgeable, I will present and review evidence, theory or interpretation honestly, openly and accurately.
  • I will use none of the skills I have learnt, developed, or mastered in the community to intentionally harm or aid in the harm of others.