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Who is responsible for the safety well being and health of the members of the community?
There is a large difference between ‘safety’ and ‘health’ but we can take from this a number of different perspectives. Firstly, workplace safety should adhere to the strictest levels possible irrelevant of the health and safety standards of the host country, Members of in England should receive the same safety regulations as those working in India, safety of the individual is paramount.

Outside of a work environment there should be some understanding of self-accountability and responsibility, if you trip on the stairs and hurt yourself or place yourself in a position that results in an act of carelessness leading to harm it is not the fault of the community for not telling you to watch your feet. Thus, while some procedures (such as lab work e.t.c) must drawn up carefully in case of complaint it should assume that every member is a functioning, reasoning human being and not incapable of observing the obvious.

As for health there is a huge number of definitions for what being ‘healthy’ is and likewise there are a number of different people involved; cooks and chefs are responsible for nutritional and dietary health, insuring that nobody with an allergy is adversely affected, while physical trainers or sensei are concerned with the muscle, cardio and must also be aware of their students abilities and medical conditions. Waivers and insurance in the case of martial arts are likely to be mandatory as they are in many industrialised nations. Being physically active as possible is a cornerstone of motivationpreparedness, regular sleep patterns, mental stability, cognitive enhancement and health just as much as diet is. The community mandates these things for the benefit of the individual certainly not for the ease of organisation or administration.

Finally there is the case of safety and well-being, if you want to feel safe it should be due to a community wide mentality of behaving correctly, not a select number of enforcers. Every member is autonomous unit with martial training and taught responsibility and accountability. If you see a fight between members and don’t act then you are responsible for acting to stop it. Maybe via calling for aid, or if confident getting involved but you have a responsibility to act as strong as the instigators responsibility for throwing the first punch.

In short every member is responsible for their health, safety and well-being and they should also feel that they are just as responsible to every other human being as well.