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So I have had my parents here for a week, which has been fantastic! Very nice having them around but my Mum suffered a fall and went home feeling awful, she actually it turns out had mild concussion but thankfully is now resting and doing well :(. I’m lucky that that’s all she had falling down a flight of concrete steps. Thus, April has not started very well.

Obviously, I’ve been somewhat behind on my to-do list; However, now that my parents are back home I have created and installed Unit Tracker on my local machine and have made it so that it appears on the admin menu, can be removed e.t.c. Next step is getting the plug-in to create and drop the database tables on install and removal. I have the tables planned and will do a post on my logic once that’s up and running.

Aside from that I’ve been looking at getting a Kettlebell for my fitness training, practised a lot of French speaking and have generally been incredibly busy. I do need to do more though if I want to keep my 4 pages of translation, fitness levels and everything else by the end of the month. I think I need to get myself up and out of bed earlier and writing a list of things to do “today” and a Google calendar for timetabling my work wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Right, talking of work off to teach a lesson on reported speech.