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So I can’t believe it’s been a week already, things are getting pretty manic at work, even 25 hours teaching is more exhausting than you might think. Either way it’s gone and I have … Learnt and practised a lot of French (although I need to do more translation and writing work). Finished a course with a good friend Thierry, we are going to continue meeting for English/French conversation in the future I believe.

Furthermore, I have rediscovered Netbeans the IDE while this is more a programming thing than a life change it is a little exciting to find a decent PHP editor + Java Editor + Whatever I want editor that allows me to debug all the work I may want to do :). There are a few glitches on Ubuntu but I’m using a secondary install until the repositories update. I must admit to being fairly impressed with Netbeans I haven’t used it since my first programming job at applegateΒ and it has certainly improved since 2005 ;).

I am going to hopefully finish all the CRUD operations for the Unit Tracker plugin tomorrow (woop!) Next up is fixing the blogger import plugin. Till Tomorrow then ;).