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Why form a community in the first place? The initial reasoning for starting a community was somewhat shallow and indistinct on detail. Upon my realisation of two factors

  1. My successes had not made me happy and the stress of maintaining my status was causing me to live to work and miss true social connections (note: in all honesty I am still in such a situation and minus the live to work mentality) 
  2. I realised my love for the sciences yet was not sure how to return to education so that I could work in such a field (i.e. the disillusioned worker 69 and the late realiser 73
What further compounded my irritation was based in part on religious institutions, not their beliefs in this case, but their exceptional ability to accommodate new members at any time. Take for example if my second point was that I had suddenly realised a profound and great love for the teachings of Buddha, Jesus or Muhammed suddenly my options are clear and there are many monastic orders, groups and paths that one can join or follow to arrive at a point where ones life is centred around their passions and beliefs.
Not only is there this enviable ease of finding an institution but the benefits of a simpler life, a guaranteed retirement with your church, temple or brotherhood looking after you and more importantly a life centred on something you feel is important. In 2008 the catholic church alone announced it had over 900,000 members in monastic orders and nunneries around the world. Imagine for a moment 900,000 scientists, engineers, software developers and technicians around the world all contributing to the next generation, building educational software, teaching in developing nations, helping countries improve their infrastructure, and creating devices to help heal the world. 
I realised that a scientific order of reason and progress for the betterment of mankind would be a great benefit to the world and would provide a place and home for those like me who have found our love of sciences, helping others and understanding the universe but have no clear route to get to that point.