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Why should there be a moral / philosophical / ideological element to the community? In all honesty, there was a hesitation in including moral or ethical elements to these entries but with such a community who’s purpose is to provide for future generations and help self-guard the planet there is an obvious need for a pure moral and ethical element to the community. For cohesion alone mutual respect, equality, patience, humility and compassion along with a healthy dose of gratitude seems desirable, if not necessary. Also there are the problems of people, people will no doubt find loopholes in the system, abuse things for their benefit and falsify research. Why? Because they are human and it can be anticipated that human nature will not immediately and magically change in the community despite its good intentions. As such there should be an educated moral framework of guidelines for all members, a public promise to maintain exemplary standards (entry 57).

Culturally some standards change over time and acceptance of behaviour is now very different from the 1950’s and no doubt 2050 will be very different again. All writings on the subject of ethics are therefore subject to cultural shifts, this should be obvious and the system of improving and evolving the code of conduct of the community should never be considered complete. This isn’t saying there aren’t objective moral foundations that one can rigorously defend on a rational level and aren’t subject to change irrelevant of public opinion, however that is far beyond the scope of this entry and actually exploration I.