Unit Tracker

WordPress plugin and database data

So I've created the tables for my Unit Tracker plugin and created some dummy data for an initial example Tracker. As nice as this is I'm not entirely sure about how I've designed the tables (read that as saying "if you think this is a mistake comment"). My assumption...

How to: WordPress uninstall.php

I have been having great fun, and when you read 'fun' realise that I mean 'endless-irritations', trying to get my plugin for WordPress to cleanly remove all of it's stored options and items recorded during it's usage. So here's a quick explanation of how to create a...

Hey try the quiz, I think being 3% of median isn't too bad.
My news diet skews left. 3% of the news I read comes from right-leaning sources. 47% of the news I read comes from left-leaning sources. Analyzed by @ground_app https://ground.news/bias-quiz

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