142 – Distribution of knowledge

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How should knowledge be distributed among the members and the public? Obviously there are various elements to learning:

  1. Obtaining knowledge : facts and details.
  2. Obtaining practical skills : Experience, work.
  3. Creating theories, improving existing theories.

Members must share knowledge of keeping the community running a form of members only (publicly viewable) wiki to give advice, information, methods, memes learned or discovered that make chores, elected responsibilities more efficient, or common solutions.

The Spreading of scientific/reasoning knowledge is done through teaching, self study and dialogue.

There should always be a publicly available site that consolidates all the knowledge and discussions of the community.

This site should be easily searchable and allow statistical analysis of different systems of the community, trends and allow members to collaborate on work without duplicating research.

The world at large would also have access to this via a public wiki. Some research for companies would be kept hidden due to NDA’s or other restrictions.

However, the ultimate aim is to make as much data as possible free to the individual and free to the people of the world. Translated versions of the content should be progressively created and text books in all the core subject areas, recipes, personal development, science, lessons plans and source code should be placed under a creative commons licence (GPL).

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