131 – Obtaining money

How does the community obtain money? The community will have a number of incomes. Firstly from work contracts with outside organizations, these should be considered low cost, long term solid contracts that benefit the recipient. Secondly, from donations from private individuals and institutions who support the ideals of the community. Thirdly, from self generated web [...]

130 – helping society

How does the community help society at large? Simple, it helps by researching developing and creating thing to aid and benefit mankind. Initially this will be by working through and for existing organizations offering peer review of scientific papers, computer applications and technical support at low rates. Especially it will try to help organizations which [...]


How are people organised? There are very few divisions in the members of the community and you can label them easily by situation. Transitory members: Those who are in the community for a brief period (6 months or less) there to give lectures, run courses, provide  support, on sabbatical leave, or simply to attend a [...]


How do we define dialogues? As previously discussed in e115 dialogues can be broadly split into 5 types each one devised for a specific purpose. Although if a dialogue shifts into Eristics it will automatically be considered a win for the opponent. Dialogues should be clearly started and finished as to employ clear moments and their [...]

How to find your purpose (attempt 3)

15 Questions This list was borrowed from Tina Su's blogpost http://thinksimplenow.com/happiness/life-on-purpose-15-questions-to-discover-your-personal-mission/ which focuses on a purpose rather than passion seeking. I am merely using her method, if you want more methods like this I strongly suggest going to her blog. What makes you smile? (Activities, people, events, hobbies, projects, etc.) Films, good conversations over wine [...]


How should new members be found? The community should encourage new membership broadly through its website, through associations at universities and word of mouth. Affiliations to existing institutions and the creation of educational material software should help spread the word to encourage new members. Public debates and interaction should not be seen as a recruitment [...]