So to get myself back into the grind I am creating a hypothetical list of projects that I can work on in PHP. These start from the ridiculously easy to the extremely large and complex. Ideally I’d like to be good at PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework by the end of building all these, eventually.

WordPress plugin(s)

I really want to give back to the community and to start with I thought a few fixes and work on WordPress plugin’s might be a nice start. For further FOSS work there’s the Zen Go Server.

  • UnitTracker – a plugin to track any number or subject
  • Blogger import – fix the currently broken importer and extract “Exploration I” blog to current site.

Roman numeral calculator

Just a simple project to get my logic hat back on. Plus I might try to use MVC and Zend to get this working.

  • Simple web form that can calculate classical Roman numerals such as IV = 4.
  • This should allow for negatives and positives but fractions seems excessive
  • Using libraries and modules in Zend Framework to make this worthwhile.

School calendar

This is a big project but should start off simple initially. Eventually it should be a portfolio piece that is freely available under GPL and have plugin’s. The aim is to make an easy to use calendar for a language school like LCL (my present employer).

  • A simple 5 – 7 day calendar for the week or a month calendar.
  • Have multiple teachers and administration
  • Multiple students who can view busy / quiet periods
  • Allow sharing / syndicating between various calendar services.
  • Easy creation of events
    • Assignment of students
    • Listing of location
    • Link to map of location
  • A proper SRS should be created and posted on site to show correct planning e.t.c.

Menu builder

A simple JavaScript menu generator that builds dynamic menus based on an xml file. More as a practise with JS and XML probably with JQuery but hopefully will be useful in some areas.


Long project alert, creating a Zend Framework based CMS for this webspace encompassing all that I need. Blog, Polls, Unit Tracking, Pages, Question generation (see later project), I18n, Gallery service. Why? Because if I can build this I can build whatever I want, it’s not the first CMS I’ve built but that was years ago in Java. I want to plan this one right.

  • Pages
  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Blogging format

Address book

Another quicker project just practising with Zend, PHP and MySQL and Forms to create a simple Address book.

  • CRUD contact details
  • Backup
  • Synch with android phone
  • Google contacts

Zen Go Server

Large restoration project on Dragon Go Server a website that allows multiple users to participate in the game of Go, hold tournaments and interact with messages. Also the code is nightmare, with disorganized modules and a chaotic database.

  • Zen Framework adapted version of Dragon Go Server
    • Use strict MVC
    • Create a proper library of functions and objects
    • Use PHPUnit testing and PHPDoc for documentation
  • Added functionality FB login
  • Club locations near you

Graphing technology

Using PHP GD to do some nifty displays of various datasets, using Edward Tufte as a strong influence.

  • Display collected data in a variety of graphs
    • Line graph
    • Scatter diagram
    • Bar graph
  • Add functionality to WordPress plugin UnitTracker

Dynamic C.V.

Create a pretty CV with portfolio and links to projects e.t.c.

  • Skills, Projects, Work history
  • French and English versions
  • List online presence

Document repository

Creating an online searchable repository of documents

  • That can be locked and edited by selected users
  • Only allows one user to edit at a time
  • Can be unlocked by an admin
  • Are exportable to an editable format

Update IdeaTorrent

Idea Torrent is a brainstorm software built in PHP that runs on PostreSQL. The project would be to update the code to allow MySQL or Postgres to be used. Then implement the result on this web server for experimentation.

Free and CC image search

A search tool that allows the user to search for imagery

  • Search on tags
  • Only Creative Commons images
  • Use multiple sites simultaneously

Book blogging site

A specific quick install blogging platform specifically for producing e-books.

  • Allow for multiple books
  • Chapters
  • Summary
  • Locking of material
  • Shopping cart – Donations
  • Automatic PDF generation
  • Syndication to Twitter, FB, Goodreads e.t.c.
  • Blogger, WordPress import.

Web Mash-Up

Attempt to create mash-ups with existing software such as Google Maps, FB, National datasets, WHO information etc.

  • Disaster potential map
  • Social warfare game
  • User interests by country

Social gathering community

A kind of meetup style site for Toulouse to help organise social movements

Question creator

A generic form generator to ask questions on a variety of subjects

  • Ask a variety of language questions
  • Test the user on PHP or OOP
  • Test Audio comprehension etc.

Conjugation tool

A tool based on Verbiste (the C++ application) that conjugates verbs

  • Firstly it will conjugate French verbs
  • Then add other Romance languages like Spanish and Italian
  • Recode for generic multilingual support
  • Employ Lucene to search words – AJAX
  • Add functionality to Question creator project to randomly generate Language questions

Social connect module

Create a module or plugin for Zend Framework that allows multiple social network consumers to connect to website.

Memory games

Create a set of HTML5 dynamic games for memory

Dynamic UML diagram

Creating dynamic class diagrams of database tables or PHP class diagrams.