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We as human beings suffer during our lives so the morally correct stance is to create a community which is explicitly designed to reduce the suffering of the world, bring a clear level of comfort and contentment to the members within the community and ultimately, a better world for the subsequent generations of everyone. How best to do this is up to great debate but certainly would involve a number of the following;
  • The advancement of free, clear, rational education to the members of a community and distributed to the masses of society.
  • The creation and improvement of medical and scientific theories and practical applications that can help the sick, needy and impoverished.
  • The expansion and improvement of human empathy, understanding and dialogue around the world beyond religious, economic and ideological differences.
  • The development of free software and open communities to create an equal platform and I.T. Infrastructure for all nations. Which can be collaborated on globally.
  • Improved methods to attain self-actualization woven into the fabric of the society itself.