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Who trains the members? Members of the community should ultimately train each other as in entry 8. Upper-level students teach lower level students. Experts and research specialists train upper-level students and more infrequently conduct checks on the comprehension of the lower level students.

All members should be involved in a cycle of learning so that ultimately nobody feels inferior or superior to the extent of arrogance. An advanced professor of microbiology could we be taught by their student in physics.

To facilitate this arrangement all members will undergo teacher training, culminating in a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) or equivalent. This will mean each member is capable of teaching A-levels and private courses to create revenue for the community and more importantly know how to teach fellow members in their specialist knowledge.

Transient experts of particular subjects could come and give seminars on technology, science, creativity, psychology and other specific subjects. Members should be chosen to study the material and record the lecture so they can evaluate it and the disseminate it into the community.