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The Researcher or Academic; Some people love studying, researching and theorising about a subject. For them the love of their chosen discipline usually leads to a life of academic work or if very fortunate a paid position in a research lab like CERN that shares their particular interest. However, such organisations are not without pressures, teaching requirements, ownership of research, monetary issues and research being co-opted by other interest groups. There is no real security in any industry any more with the constant possibility that your research or project may well be retired before completed.

Now while I would never suggest that the community would remove all these problems with one magical sweep the whole community is, in its purist sense, a community of researchers and academics each on their own personal mission of expertise, discipline of focus and personal projects.  The point of the community is to give autonomy, and to remove the chores and details of life that would have interfered with your work, research and study will be greatly reduced. The economic distractions and daily chores will be shared, you will be surrounded by people eager to improve and to discuss all subjects, collaborate and compete to march towards progress together.