Malaise général or Zombie Easter weekend

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To celebrate Easter I pretty much slept, which while doing wonders for my mental state and giving me a huge burst of energy, wasn’t exactly productive. I did manage to get a few things done but mostly this weekend was about chilling out. I have done some small programming work, but I’m a way behind where I’d like to be.

On other notes I am ploughing through the 4-hour body by Tim Ferriss and while I take everything with a pinch of salt I find his writing at the very least amusing. I’d also note I find it convincing enough (after some Google time) that I bought a kettlebell for home training, weighing scales and a yoga ball for crunches. I’m leaving off the diet at the moment but I’m interested enough to attempt it for a few weeks to see what happens.

School is good (teaching English that is), programming PHP is coming back strong and clear, I’m even thinking of adding Java work to my repertoire as it is my primary experience at work (and still the most sought after language). Presently however I’m putting my efforts into PHP and my project list reflects this.

The only thing I need to work on more is French, I intend to really start focusing on that after I get my Unit Tracker plugin up and running, procrastination? Maybe… But I do want to measure a lot of what I do and if I can do that and make my need into a project it’s  probably worth it.

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Born in England, now living in France. Studied computer science and electronics at university, now running a language school in Toulouse.

I've worked as a developer, teacher, bartender, waiter, cook, cleaner, shop clerk, produce manager & now director. If I had my way, I'd add astronaut to that list but it's going to be tricky.

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