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I am trying to take my various blog ideas and put them on this site so things may get pretty messy until I find a nice way to separate posts and clean things up. I am not too worried about losing the minimal traffic I have from this as most of what I write is simply to have written it up in a digital format.

My latest inclusion is the Exploration I notes, a large quantity of quasi-philosophical / political writing that I did while on buses and the métro. The idea of creating a community of people dedicated to science and progress in much the same way a monastic order is dedicated to praying and servitude to a god. Only in this case it’s serving humanity and would have tangible results.

I have been very absent recently but I hope to make this a habit again. I have a lot of work to do and only one lifetime to do it in. Wish me luck.

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Born in England, now living in France. Studied computer science and electronics at university, now running a language school in Toulouse.

I've worked as a developer, teacher, bartender, waiter, cook, cleaner, shop clerk, produce manager & now director. If I had my way, I'd add astronaut to that list but it's going to be tricky.


    1. Many thanks :), I do believe you’re right. I do need to get more proactive though. I’m letting time slip away rather than producing anything 🙁

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