Obviously when writing the exploration entries I had a lot of time to think, I also read a lot of different authors covering topics of psychology, sociology, anthropology, religion, politics etc.

Here is a list of influences then on what I wrote. A well read individual can probably guess who I was reading / watching as I wrote certain entries under the exploration I category, I have tried to only reference the concepts and not directly quote the list is in no particular author and where possible links to a page to give more information.

It’s also worth noting these authors didn’t always influence me positively, in many cases I disagreed with 90% of what they said but I tried to glean things I did appreciate from their writings or talks. (Actually due to the growing size of this list I may need to sub divide it into living writers, classical writers, bloggers, novel writers, factual writers and people who have given talks I’ve watched.

This list is quite unwieldy and needs editing I think I’ll break it into living/dead, digital/paper or maybe by subject.