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Maslow is largely respected and know for creating an excellent model of human needs that has only been modified mildly in the following 50 years.

spontaneity, problem solving, 
lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts

Self-esteem, confidence, achievement, 
respect of others, respected by others
Sexual intimacy, friendship, belonging, inclusion, loved
Security of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health and of property
Breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homoeostasis, excretion, health, exercise

The community should attempt to provide the framework that leads to self actualization via the code of conduct, the teaching, the systems of routine should all be planned by the founding members.

The task is not just to cultivate a happy well adjusted member of the community but to ensure that they also work on creating self actualization for the next generation.

The physical and security aspects should be considered not only the founding rules of the community but also, where possible,  its architecture. The floor plan, the social aspects including areas just purely for recreation, fun and pleasure.

Regular cognitive or human centred counselling by qualified experts for all members would be a worthwhile element of any community, guiding members in self reflection and personal discovery. This along with mandatory exercise, meditation and teaching times should all coalesce to create good mood, confidence and greatly aid members in their progress to self-actualization.